always fucking up if it werent for me none of this woulda happend

fuck my thoughts fuck my doubts

When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. When we’re apart, days feel like years.

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made mistakes in the past but il make sure none of those happen again with you

R.I.P R.L 11/3/88 - 8/29/09 we all miss you bro

remember our cruises bumping this all the time yoo shonit watch out before dem cops come take yo money ahahaha

still remember that day like it was yesterday running trying to catch up to you telling you not to go dont leave me alone and you ended up never coming back

forced to be something im not scarred for life past haunting me people i thought i could call friends backstabbed double crossed all my horrible mistakes the people iv hurt the people iv lost all this stress on my mind fuck can i just start a new life and clear my mind of all this bullshit

please god can you forgive me for all the sins iv commited disturbed by my past coming back to haunt me and scared if il have any future at all with this evil behind me

another day til the day you left this world nights like this when i wish they didnt take you away from me and you were still here you knew what to do you would come chill it with me whenever i was down or depressed no matter what time it was or how busy you were you always made me laugh and smile over the stupidest shit your the reason im a better person today im sorry i couldnt live up to your expectations it was a choice and i decided to leave all that behind me for the better i know your up their smiling down at me watching my back miss you dawg il be up there sooner or later n we can catch up all those years you were gone